Thanks for stopping by!  Iā€™m Denise, founder of Equal Uprise.  In a nutshell, Iā€™m an Ecuadorian American.  Ecuador is the place I was born and represents my introduction to life and this world, but the US has become the place I proudly call home.  After finishing college, I quit my corporate job and decided to fulfill my dream of starting a career where social impact is the driving force for what I do.  

In a world of mass production, my goal is to support & celebrate artisans that craft ethically made pieces.  These pieces incorporate traditional production methods as well as organic materials.  The combination of these result in labor rich one of a kind pieces that are as unique as the person that made them.  

Equal Uprise is made up of objects for the modern dweller and accessories for everyday life.  I hope you find that special timeless piece you will keep and cherish for years to come.






The name Equal Uprise represents the idea that success is attainable when it is equally shared.  I honor this philosophy by setting aside 10% of profits from sales and using that to fund business development projects for the artisans that craft each item in the shop.